Ancient Work

- as in ... real ancient.
Rüggs how I drew them in my childhood.

[1]: How I drew rüggs back then when I was eight ..
[2]: Another one ..
[3]: Yeah, they all looked the same
[4]: The template-one, the very first rügg I ever drew. Yes, it's Vortek.
[5]: Me being nine, I imagined rüggs being huge.
[6]: Yay new look! Stripes. :D ..
[7]: Rügg vs troll, or something like that ..
[08]: A rügg and some bandits
[09]: Smiling rügg, angry bandit
[10]: The 'World's most dangerous' issue. The warrior Chinchang (largest guy in pic) carried this title, before being defeated by Vortek (right). Also: Udderlings allied with Chinchang. I was 11, and now "really into rüggs"
[11]: Some roleplaying game. Aim: find a way home (the small houses to the bottom left) without getting eaten. Of course the game was designed in a way that it was impossible to win ..
[12]: Vortek. and some scared guy saying help
[13]: Vortek Rügg, self-proclaimed World's most dangerous. Smart-Ola does not agree
[14]: Now we know what those things are good for .. :P
[15]: Soccer?
[16]: Vortek Rügg & Smart-Ola
[17]: Vortek Rügg (or, Vorten as he was named back then). And Smart-Ola. I guess I liked the 'Phantom' suit. Minus the hood. XD
[18]: Vortek Rügg, in "yummm skier" and "attack of the mini car"
[19]: Vortek Rügg & Smart-Ola again. "Space look"
[20]: Vortek Rügg & Smart-Ola again. I don't know what-look

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